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Forensic Art On-Site Training Programs


Tentative On-Site Program
Intermediate/Advanced Forensic Art Workshop

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Note: It is strongly recommened that the artist consider enrolling in the next online introduction forensic art workshop prior to this onsite program. Follow the link below for further information

Introduction to the Police Composite Sketch


Intermediate and Advanced Composite Sketching Workshop

Instructor Stephen Mancusi

This workshop will focus on intermediate and advanced concepts needed to conduct a successful composite sketching session and render a 2D facial reconstruction. Improving the drawing and interviewing skills of the artist will be emphasized. The program is designed to speak to each artist's individual level of experience. All completed sketches are reviewed according to the level of professionalism that is expected of each student's experience. The drawing assignments will address specific concepts of the forensic art technique. These assignments become increasingly more demanding throughout the workshop. This classroom instructing format offers each student the challenges that they may require.

The three stage composite drawing technique will be fully demonstrated. The workshop will address how to utilize this technique during the interviewing and sketching of a composite session. This technique has been proven to be one of the most effective methods for developing a successful suspect sketch. Additionally, the examination of specific witness and victim descriptive terminologies and solutions will be covered. This will answer some of the most perplexing composite session questions. Such as, what do the victims' descriptive words mean and how do I illustrate them on the sketch?

This is a demanding workshop. The artist will be asked to draw many sketches throughout the course of the program. Ultimately, this is the only way to improve one's skills. The successful students will each receive a certificate documenting their successfull participation in the workshop. Students will be furnished with all necessary equipment and printed materials.

There is a limited enrollment for this workshop. It is encouraged to submit the completed application as soon as possible. Acceptance to workshop will require an applicant to submit examples of his/her artwork, forensic art experience and previously attended training.

Intermediate Programs:

  • A proper procedure for conducting a composite session.
  • The development of an artist standard operating composite session procedure
  • Compositing multi images and descriptions into a proper anatomical sketch
  • Racial differences
  • Interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Composite Session Dynamics
  • General memory and witness perception concepts
  • Aging techniques
  • Post-mortem reconstruction techniques.

Advance Programs:

  • Advance interviewing and questioning techniques
  • Typology witness and victim
  • Developing solutions to descriptive words
  • Managing difficult composite sessions
  • Deception detection
  • Multi-witness composite sessions
  • Courtroom testimony



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