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Introduction to the Police Composite Sketch

INTRO PCS # 0524

Starting Date: 5/6/24

Application must be received on or before: 4/23/24

Intermediate Police Composite Sketching


Starting Date:5/6/24

Application must be received on or before: 4/23/24

Special/Advanced Composite Sketching Workshop


Starting Date: Depends on Stephen's Availability

Email Stephen to discuss possible starting dates

Workshop Application

Forensic Art On-line Workshops
Instructor: Stephen Mancusi

These online programs are designed as introduction and intermediate workshops. They will improve the drawing skills of the artist and help him or her achieve a quality facial drawing. The training is presented through the completion of specific sketching assignments and the instructor's comments. These training critiques are offered according to the level of experience of the individual student artist. This is done with personalized video emails or webcam communications. Through these projects and evaluations, the beginner artist will obtain the required fundamental forensic art skills and the practicing forensic artist will improve his or her working skills. The workshops will also introduce the artist to the necessary concepts needed to conduct a police composite session and to execute other forensic art disciplines. The topics and assignments are presented as video lectures or demonstrations. Students will be furnished with all necessary printed and presentation materials. An on-line virtual classroom will be setup for students to compare and view assignments completed by others.

At the end of the workshops and depending on the student's previous experience, the student artist will possess new insights and abilities that are needed to create quality forensic images. Upon successfully finishing aprogram, the artist will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Presently, there are three Online Forensic Art Workshops available.

Introduction to the Police Composite Sketch (INTRO PCS): (Prerequisite for all the workshops)

Topics Covered:

  • Drawing a Composite Sketch
  • Working with the Three Stage Composite Sketching Method
  • Introduction to the Composite Session Guidelines
  • Important Forensic Art Concepts and Definitions
  • Photograph References
  • Facial Anatomy
  • Improving Visual Skills of the Artist
  • Pencil Drawing Techniques
  • Equipment and Materials
  • Number of Assignment: 9

Program is designed to work within your own schedule over a 4 weeks period (40 Hours).
Cost: $795

Intermediate Police Composite Sketching (INTER PCS):(Prerequisite for the ADV and SP PCS)

Topics Covered:

  • Conducting the Composite Session (Composite Session Guidelines)
  • Developing a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)
  • Basic Interviewing and Questioning Techniques
  • Important Forensic Art Concepts and Definitions
  • Witness Memory and Perceptions
  • Solutions to Descriptive Terminology
  • Number of Assignment: 8

Program is designed to work within your own schedule over a 4 weeks period (40 Hours).
Cost: $695

Advanced Police Composite Sketching (ADV PCS):

This advanced workshop offers a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet the needs of seasoned forensic artists. My program offers challenging assignments that are designed to test your skills and move you to a new level, covering topics such as race change and developing session strategies. You will learn to cultivate new solutions for descriptive terminology and receive personalized feedback that is predicated on the professional level required to be a successful forensic artist.

Program is designed to work within your own schedule over a 4 weeks period (40 Hours).
Number of Assignments:10
Cost: $795

Special Composite Sketching Workshop (SP PCS):

  • This is generally a sketching workshop that offers continued instruction and practice composite sketches for the trained forensic artist. The drawing exercises are designed to challenge artists that have already successfully completed the Introduction and Intermediate Police Composite Sketching Workshops.

Duration: 20 hrs over a 2 week period
Number of Assignments: 4
Cost $595.

Note for SP PCS Applications: When completing the application, you do not need to send any support materials or answer the questions on the application. Just print your pertinent information, sign the application and send with the proper payment.

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