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Forensic Art On-Site Training Program

Facial Understanding and Image Comparison Workshop

Instructor Stephen Mancusi
40-hour program - Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00

Due to the new biometric face recognition technology and the growing demands placed on facial identification experts who utilize this technology, it is essential that they receive comprehensive training from related disciplines. The field of Forensic Art, which includes composite sketching, facial reconstruction and age progression/regression, has been at the forefront of understanding and illustrating the human face for many years. The knowledge and skills of this field should be considered necessary scholarship for all facial identification experts.

The Facial Understanding and Image Comparison Workshop is a specialized forensic art program for the facial identification expert. It is designed to expose the participants to the concepts, methods and facial knowledge of the forensic artist. Forensic art is a highly skilled profession that requires significant artistic abilities, training and real case experience. Though these essentials play an important role in the development of forensic art images, many of the fundamental and some of the advanced concepts of forensic art can be learned. This workshop is structured to provide this training through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on assignments by the students. These skill sets will help answer the most fundamental questions such as "Why individuals appear unique?' and "Why we are able to recognize individuals; we have seen before?". This specialized curriculum will educate the facial identification expert to the potential applications of these forensic art methods and more importantly improve their visual skills and understanding of the human face.

The workshop could include the following:

  • A Facial Comparison Analysis Method for the Forensic Artist
    - Determining the quality of the images in question
    - Understanding the objective of the comparison
    - Recognizing and comparing unique facial proportions
    - Recognizing and comparing specific facial characteristics
    - Comparing the overall appearance of the subjects in question
    - Developing an opinion and reporting the analysis's outcome
    - Clarify the artist's limitations and boundaries
  • Basic Composite Sketching Techniques
    - General understanding of facial anatomy for the artist
    - Basic drawing techniques
    - Developing unique facial proportions
    - Developing and understanding facial features and their differences
    - Representing a three dimensional head as a two dimensional image
    -Understanding rendering elements and how appear on the human face
    - Understanding how light falls on the structures of the head
    - Feature Value Distinction and facial textures
  • Age Progression and Age Regression
    - Biological vs Environmental aging effects
    - Recognizing general aging trends on the face
    - Developing these trends on a face
    - A demonstration of an effective digital age progression/ regression method
    - Clarify the limitations and boundaries of the method
  • Basic Photoshop Techniques and Digital Graphics
    - Understanding image size and resolution
    - Squaring and registering facial images to each other for comparison
    - Important Photoshop tools and their uses
    - Global enhancements of poor quality images
  • Courtroom Testimony
    - Expert opinion testimony
    - Review of common testimony questions and answers for the forensic artist

There is always continuing need for specialized training for most professions. This workshop will address your company and clients' unique educational requirements. At the successful completion of the workshops, the participants will have a new insight and improved visual ability to analyze the human face.

Upon request additional program details, materials, digital equipment and training facilities requirements will be supplied. Once your company's needs, requirements and program logistics are fully understood, a project proposal listing the exact workshop specifications, instructor fees and expenses will be furnished.

Please feel free to email Stephen Mancusi at smancusi@forartist.com with any questions you may have.

Feel free to contact Stephen Mancusi with any questions you may have.


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