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Mummy Skull

Post-mortem Facial Reconstruction

This skull is from a 2000 year old Roman mummy. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City requested this reconstruction. With the help of anthropologist Peggy Caldwell, a recreation of this ancient face was completed.

The mummy was CAT scanned to reveal the bones underneath. The skull was traced and the reconstruction drawing was done directly on the traced image. This ancient person had a portrait painted on the top of its wrappings. To the right you can see this phylum portrait. There is a similarity to the reconstruction drawing. Ms. Caldwell estimated the age of the deceased person at 40 years of age. The phylum portrait appears to be a younger version of the deceased. It appears that the phylum portrait and the reconstruction have an acceptable likeness to this long ago living person.

Phylum Portrait

Reconstruction Pencil Drawing

Mummy about to enter CAT scan unit

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