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Age Progression

Dear Stephen,

I will explain to you the reason why I contact you. A very good friend of us has reached her terminal stage and has a few weeks to hopefully a few months left. She has a few wishes and we hope we can fulfill them all before she unfortunately will pass away.

Next to a trip to the Northern Light in the Nordics (this will be happening next week) she would love to see how her daughter Caitlin, now 3 years old, will look like in ten to fifteen years time.

I’ve contacted a few experts in this area but no-one could be of help. Are you able to fulfill this extraordinary wish?

Yours sincerely,


Dear Stephen,

The father and the mother became so emotional after seeing the result of your work. The father reacted: How is this possible this is almost a 100% match with my niece of 20 years of age.

They really appreciate all the effort you put into this. The mother said: I had three wishes but this one is the best ever!

So again thank you so much for this result, you made the mother very very happy.

Warm regards





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