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Age Progression


"The picture of Kristina turned out great - we couldn't have been happier. We didn't know
what to expect but couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Great job"

Brian and Maggie


The loss of a child or a young member of one's family can be a very sad and tragic event. The age progression technique may give some insight into a lost future for a surviving parent or sibling. Left is an example of this kind of age progression.

What is required?
A front view portrait color photograph or digital scanned image of the subject. The lighting on the face should be direct with a non-dramatic lighting pattern. The subject's hairstyle should be off the front of face. The age of the subject and the age of the progression are important factors that need to be considered. Additional family history information and family photographs may be required.

E-mail me with any questions or requests. There is a fee for this work. After our initial correspondence, I will send you a job proposal. Thank you.

Stephen Mancusi

Age Progression



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