Jack The Ripper (Discovery Channel)

Compsoite Sketch


Jack the Ripper

This Jack the Ripper composite sketch is based on the following witness account of perpetrator.

Witness account:
He had a soft felt hat on, and this was drawn down somewhat over his eyes. I put down my head to look him in the face, and he turned and looked at me very sternly, and they walked across the road. The man was about 5ft. 6in. in height, and 34 or 35 years of age, with dark complexion and dark moustache turned up at the ends. He was wearing a long dark coat trimmed with astrakhan, a white collar with black necktie, in which was affixed a horse-shoe pin. He had a heavy moustache curled up, and dark eyes and bushy eyebrows. He had no side whiskers, and his chin was clean shaven. He looked like a foreigner.

An age regression was applied to this possible suspect. He was linked by similar "Jack the Ripper" type murders that he committed. They occurred in New York in the early 1900's.


Original Mug Photograph

Age Regressed Suspect

Forensic Art

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