Police Composite Sketch Case

A residential area in Manhattan was terrorized by a serial rapist. This rapist stalked his victims and raped the first of four women at dusk on a fall day. All his victims, women in their twenties, were raped and sodomized at knife point. The last victim was attacked in the lobby of her apartment building.

The next day, Stephen Mancusi of the Forensic Artist Unit (NYPD) conducted a composite drawing session with the female victim of the rapist's last attack. After the artist had an extensive interview with the victim, they worked together and completed a composite sketch of the suspect. This sketch was quickly printed on wanted posters and distributed throughout the city.

A short time later, a Bronx Assistant District Attorney spotted the wanted poster in a precinct that she was visiting. She immediately recognized the sketch on the poster to be her half-brother, Anthony Mane. She informed the police department of this important lead. The detectives assigned to Special Victims Squad discovered that Mr. Mane was living in Florida. He had been imprisoned for sexual assaults in the past and was labeled a "mentally disordered sexual offender" by the Florida courts. The detectives assigned to the case obtained positive identifications from the victims in this rape pattern with the use of photo arrays. These are collections of six photographs including the suspects. Mane was also linked to other forensic evidence collected from the crime scenes. These detectives had Mane arrested in Florida and extradited to New York City for trial.

Soon after his arrest, Mr. Mane confessed to these crimes while displaying a surprising disregard for his criminal behavior. Supreme Court Justice F. Meiss noted that "Mane's sole purpose in life seemed to be to rape, sodomize and terrorize women." Because of the successful results of the "Stuyvesant Town Rapist Sketch", Anthony Mane was convicted and sentenced to 40 years in jail putting an end to his crimes.

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